Lindsay & Isaac - Winterwaltz -

Letra Winterwaltz

Frosty morning... with frosty fields
All white? and my frozen feet
And the poor cows aimlessly
Searching for mercy

?I dally with the steam from my lungs?
It's so cold, but I must to get up
Even all I want is to keep myself
Quilted and quiet? I
Can't lose this enchanting sight


There are the ones who hate it
But I adore? and I can't explain
This enchantment over my eyes?
(And I say)

You're invited to enjoy this moment
Dance a winter waltz with me
'Round the fireplace
Let's keep our hearts warm

And at night? we can watch the sky and wish
For a shooting star? to all of our dreams come true?
(and I'd wish you to be mine?
and I'd wish you to be mine)

Let's run through snow flakes and play
Squeal out loud? laugh' bout stupid things
Twisting and turning like a little child
Won't forget this enchanting sight