Lacrimosa - Fassade - 1. Satz (translation) -

Letra Fassade - 1. Satz (translation)

Don't stare at me!
I'm not an animal!
Just a child of man - a strange thing to you - perhaps
With eyes and ears
Heart and emotions
And yet a mind that's clear and free!
Perhaps I'm just a shade
Casting darkness on your plans
Perhaps I am a storm
Whose quiet rain slakes the thirst of many a seed for

Make - Humans - like machines - and see -
they march - mindlessly - in step and - all think -
they're different and sperate - free and - in charge of
their lives

Don't stare at me!
Look deep into yourselves
It's not the others that are guilty - and poisoning this
No - each and every one of us struggles and fights and
shapes this life
And whenever you speak
Whose spirit is speaking through your words?
Have you ever stood at the abyss between heart and mind?
Can you say - I'm learning who I am?
Your terrible simplicity
Believing everything you told
Naturalness and autonomy
But please only within the confines of the social system

Why facade?
Isn't there enough egoism in the world?
Enough self obsession covering self-hate?
Isn't it enough that everyone is out for himself?
And no-one understands that the walls of solitude are the
walls of egoism?