Lacrimosa - Alleine Zu Zweit (ingles) -

Letra Alleine Zu Zweit (ingles)

At the end of truth
At the end of the light
At the end of love
On the question - because you stand
(In the heart of it is empty - a part of me now)
Nothing has survived
We have silently us long separated
And with each passing day we
Grew up the lie of our love
And the farther we went along the way
The more we distance

Lonely - together
We have forgotten us to seek new
The habit vernebelt
The inertia smothers
The arrogance makes drunk
And the proximity pushes to flee

Dance - my life - dancing
Dance with me
Dance with me again
In the pure rush of naked love

And if I see him so
When I see them
When I consider us
Something has survived
And if I would find strength and hope
If I still had faith in us
If I could reach
They once had for me
If the base - our foundation
If we again would rediscover
If they only wanted
I want!