Kid Liberty - This Is a Stick Up! -

Letra This Is a Stick Up!

This is a stickup baby!
I've seen more places in the last year
Than i thought i would see in my whole life,
And i'm only passing by for a night.
I'm not letting go. i swear i'll get you up to speed
If i can somehow catch my breath along the way.
This is what dreams are made of.
I've hear em say it, but i've never really seen.
We're moving up, moving on to find out.
To find out what it means.
As we give three cheers to our hometown and everyone we love.
It looks like we've made it. we've made it out alive.
This is a stickup baby, and i want your soul!
I want to thank you for stressing on me
Exactly who you think i should be.
'cause thats driven me to find exactly who i am.
This is the place where i used to call my home.
Now it's just a place i go.. just the calm before the show.
You never would have dreamed of this.
We've been building an army, and your wasting away.