Kid Liberty - The Situation -

Letra The Situation

Has anybody let you know
that your still holding on to everything you know?
You may not see it or believe it.
I think its to let you go back home
and figure this out there on your own.
Cause dreams don't always appear what they seem to be.
You might end up just like me, twenty three,
and wanting nothing more than to pack up and leave this..
place has never meant so much to me,
but I've got better things to do..
Better things than you.
There's nothing left to lose.
You've got this feeling
that all of your friends have deserted you again..
in hopes of finding something new.
You may not see it or believe it.
I think its time to let them know the truth,
and how this life really wasn't for you.
And all I've got is the clothes on my back,
and that wont last me very long.
But all I know, I've got all the faith that I need.
And that wont ever go away.