Kid Liberty - That's What She Said -

Letra That's What She Said

So I'm headed out of town for the first time in a long time,
and you cry yourself to sleep at the thought of losing me.
And then a phone call comes from home telling me
that you can't practice what your preach.
We'll never be the same again.
And the first thing from your lips..
So can we still be friends? Thats what she said.
Can't we still be friends? Don"t hold your breath girl,
but I think I've got enough of them.
It's oh so unfortunate for you
that I can't waste any more time on you.
Oh the silence is beautiful!
What goes around must come around,
and it's safe to say that this is slapping you in the face..
now that the thrill is over.
Now listen up darling and listen closely,
'cause I want you to take this the wrong way.
Let's just say everything you've ever wanted is kissing you goodbye.