Kid Liberty - Keep On Pushin -

Letra Keep On Pushin

Five years ago i'm sitting at home,
Writing songs and wishing i was on the road.
Let's fast forward. were ready to go.
Everybody's waiting on me. let's get the hell outta here!
Another night in a walmart parking lot.
The five of us and our good friends from california.
It's kinda funny how these stupid conversations
Make the most unforgettable memories.
We've been dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight.
We've been dancing with the devil in the moonlight.
We're not coming home tonight. we live like animals.
Stuck in this van like prisoners.
We don't eat and we sure don't sleep, but damn...
We're living the good life.
Oh shit! the cops have got us again.
This is the second time tonight.
Couldn't anyone have told that we shouldn't be drinking
With dirty bitches at midnight?
And so the story goes..
We're living a dream that most will never know.
And i couldn't imagine a better life for me and my friends
Until the bitter fucking end!