Kid Liberty - I'm Right Here -

Letra I'm Right Here

It seems as we get older,
Everyone is getting over the five of us and our dreams.
Well, fuck you. to me your not even worth the time
That it takes to hear this bullshit.
Just bite your tongue!
Cause dreams do come true..
And were living proof!!
Go on and live your life,
And i'll live mine the same...
With or without your worthless opinions.
If you didn't believe in us..
We didn't need you from the start.
So clock in, clock out!
You'll be punching a time card,
And us, we'll be seeing the world.
They told me, told me...
That i should give up the pipe dream and get with reality.
But i chose this life long before you ever knew my name.
And look where it got me. yeah look where it got me!