Kid Liberty - I'm Not a Person Anymore? I'm a Turtle -

Letra I'm Not a Person Anymore? I'm a Turtle

So tell me how to get back to basics
where nothing really mattered except having some fun.
It was you and me, and the other three.
Living like we should. living like brothers would.
And if we decide to rise again tonight,
will this ever feel the same? So here we go.
We're staring out our windows and wishing we we're home.
And even though this is getting old,
through every single measure we will find ourselves.
Oh, this road is gold.
So this is what separates the men from the boys.
It's such a tragedy you didn't have the heart.
Oh, your fading faster, and I can't bring you back.
And we came so far together for you to throw it all away.
Your threw it all away. So let's forget about it.
Let's put our past in a casket and make a toast to what we have.