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Letra Saint Paul Miki

It was in Japan
A military man
Had a boy who would be known to many lands
Paul Miki, Paul Miki

And the boy would be educated in Azuki
And the boy would go to Takastuki
Paul Miki, Paul Miki

He would preach what's True to his heart
And his guide would be the sky
By day or by night

Once a priest now saint
And once a little boy
With a love so great nobody could destroy
Paul Miki, Paul Miki

He would march through snow
Just to face his crucifixion
But his love would grow into everlasting love
Paul Miki, Paul Miki

The imperial wrath would be strong
And the courage of this saint
I sing in this song

There were twenty six
On the hills of Nagasaki
There were twenty six to die under the Taiko
Oh, oh, oh

As I sit and stare at the hills of Nagasaki
I remember fair
And holy men of God

Laudamus Te Deum
Laudamus Te Deum