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Letra Autumn Again

Set out afar to make a living
To a familiar place instead
Times may get harder in the reliving
But it?s all sweeter in retrospect

So feel the wind now spiraling in your face
And while computers are replacing our embrace
Admit these chestnuts dropping are overcompensating with grace
?Cause you found autumn again

I?ll call and you?ll miss my call, again, yes again
But it?s like I said
?I?ll never let different time zones and space come between us?
It?s tough, oh so rough, and the music ain?t enough
To share a waltz with a shedding bark

And now the wind?s moving at a faster pace
And this damn broke computer won?t show your face
And these voice operators won?t get off our case but at least
You found autumn again

Hum to the sound of every drizzle
Of every drop of rain
And I promise I?ll make time
?Til the amber?s gone grey
I swear there?s nothing that suits you more than
These October colored days