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Letra A Run For My Life

How much time have I got
I?ll make it quick, I?ll run for my life
Don?t pinch my flesh, don?t poke my eyes
I?m loving this uncomforting state of mind

?Cause I don?t wanna be awakened
I wanna feel shaken
And taken over and over again

Awakened no, I wanna feel shaken and taken

I?ll never fear again

Time to feast on colors
Release sounds louder than hollers
Bring me a distant lover
Secure futures are only illusions
I?ll find a chemist in you if you find a chemist in me
Experiment all you like
Feel the fusions

?Cause I don?t wanna be caging myself
I?m done with the staging
and all the faking over and over again

Caging myself, staging myself

I?ll never fear again

No sense of orientation
When will I sense the tone on my own
Mister fairy man, I?m a secret fan
Tempt me, go on now, tempt me
Toward your direction
Your constellations
Numerous disintegrations
Over and over again

Your constellations, my disintegrations, toward your direction

I?ll never fear again

So now that I?m breaking out
There?s no room for any flaking out
This will be my making
Over and over and over again