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Letra Magnetic Forces

Grabbed down with so much force you cannot breathe
High Temperatures make effects loose their strength
Speeding charges begin to take effect
Deflecting electrons away form magnetic fields

Powering down with a smile
Distant & apart for one mile
Parallel currents change our direction
No more charge no Magnetic Forces

We can always begin to charge
Only way to stay apart
Powering up begin to charge
Reacting forces to unite

Remember us to keep charge in our own field
Magnetic force is the source to keep central (our) force
Overloading power make us approximate
Overheating turning up too much power (we leave...)

Power is down we are gone
Leaving here so fast so slow
We can't survive this distance
We are alone now
So far so close
No force to unite
Further we get further we go
Experiences are too weak
To Distant to reunite

No more charge is possible
We are getting further
No electric signals
Magnetism, failure...
You turn off the Power!