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Letra Insecta Arthropoda

I'm just a simple servant
Of the One who comes unseen
I'm the Herald of the Plague,
The Messenger - the unimportant one
Legions of my brothers stand in line
We are storming your cities,
Infiltrating your every sanctuary
Filthy swarms, tainted sub-beings
Despised and hunted down for so long
We will finally have our vengeance!
We grow in numbers with every panicky bell toll
Immune to prayers and swears
Our oath is the absolute extermination
Of the entire human kind
We may only be primitive carriers
But we get sanctified by our deeds

We shall run down all your proud cathedrals
We shall ruin your houses and devour all hope
We come in infinite strength
The Flag Ship of Terror
Tiny, yet monstrous
Weak, yet powerful
Mankind to their blooded knees

Mark our words!
Pay attention to what we do!
And remember our name:
Insecta Arthropoda
The Vanguards of Death