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Letra It is Magic

It's magic.
This is the magic.
Only her.
Magic. (Magic magic magic)

is the magic since waking up to the bed.
Since the sun until night.
The stars to the sun.
From breakfast to dinner, is predominant in my house, only magic.

The magic is all up to a certain point in our lives, in real life is not possible to be magic, but all we see and everything is possible Inreal to our point of view.
Everything has its time and day for everything, even one as magicazinha open acadabra.

Nothing lasts forever or magic, but can last as long as prescisavamos.
As if it was just a sleight of hand, one heart.
As if everything was simple, like an illusion.

Everything is magic in this world of my great adventures.
Everything has its time-period magic.
Until hearts, lives like mine and yours!
in the magic magic magic.
sin in the magic