Joshua Adams - When I Get Home -

Letra When I Get Home

I'm looking at a photograph
The one we took before I left
The dust has faded every edge
But you still take away my breath
You looked so beautiful in that dress

Loving you keeps me blessed...

I'll show you love that you've never known
When I get home
When I get home
I'll make up for the time I've been gone
When I get home
When I get home

Don't worry about the news tonight
I'll be safe where I am
And know that God is on my side
He wants me to see you again
We'll be old and gray in the end

With grandchildren...


Now I lay
Me down to sleep
I pray the lord tomorrow brings
Everything I've missed
Like family
The touch of you
All the time that I lose
And every single kiss

Rainy days
Beneath the sheets
Alone with no place else to be
What I'd give to see
The smile
Seen upon your face
That lets me know it's all okay
Even though we're far away