Joshua Adams - I Promise You -

Letra I Promise You

You look like an angel
When morning lights your face
No make-up on concealing
The perfect way you're made

Like the sun through my window
Pouring into our souls

I promise to love you all my life
I promise to be there by your side
I'll never break your heart in two
I'll only give myself to you
I promise you

I can see the future
By looking in your eyes
You and me, a family
A husband and his wife


Laying there, beneath our tree
That was when I knew
I couldn't live without
You're hand placed in mine

When tear drops fell, the first time we
Had to say goodbye
That's when I realized
How to spend the rest of my life

Holding you, holding me
Is everything
More than anything
I could ever dream

Loving you, loving me
Meant to be
You're only thing
I will ever need

I'll be the love you'll never lose
I'll give everything I am to you