Joshua Adams - Get Laid -

Letra Get Laid

It was just the other day
When a friend came say
I've down, I've been troubled,
My whole world's about to crumble

And the girl of my dreams
Stole my heart and all my things
Life is hell, please tell
What can I do to break this spell?

Get laid
Come on everybody
Get laid
Start feeling naughty
Get laid
Now grab a hottie
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh
Get laid
Show off that body
Get laid
We're here to party
Get laid
Oh lordy, lordy
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh

There is a girl who likes to fight
Every day and every night
'bout the things that don't matter
Much to anyone who's had her

She looks good, she'd be great
If she loved like she hates
If she was standing right here
I'd tell her baby all you need to do is...


I hear a voice and it's calling me
I'm gonna give you everything you need
Just close your eyes and get on those knees
And really want it, and want it, and really, really want it

You shall find only when you seek
Don't look too far in front of what you see
Being saved isn't always clean
It gets dirty, so dirty, so really really dirty dirty