John Schlitt - Take you on -

Letra Take you on

So many years I lived a lie
What I wanted I could buy
Everything but peace of mind
And I kept on running
You stood there smiling wide
Your plan for me was right on time
My destination - suicide
But God was there waiting
I was once defenseless
But today we're standing strong

I don't have to take you on alone anymore
So good to know for sure
I don't have to be afraid 'cause I know the score
You can't scare me like before
My strength is here from inside out
A Holy fire that leaves no doubt
I don't have to take you on alone anymore

Give it up, you've lost control
What you had you couldn't hold
And I'm getting stronger
I don't have to stand in fear
I know my strength is always near
His voice is what I choose to hear
I'm not yours any longer
If you keep on pressing
This is what I say to you

Holy Spirit now I see
That by Your power I've been set free