John Schlitt - Need I Remind You? -

Letra Need I Remind You?

Taking on the burden of a godly walk
You face a challenge every time you talk
Everyday you have to go against the flow
Criticism follows everywhere you go
Can you take it? is it worth it anymore?
Salvation, frustration
The wolves are knocking at the door
It's hard to stand for the creed
Persistent, resistance
They'll start to wear you to the core
They'll make you doubt your belief
But don't you ever let it go

Need i remind you
Of the life that he taught
Through the words that he gave you
Need i remind you
Of the pain and the shame
And the bondage he broke through
Need i remind you
Of the love of the one
Who did all that he had to
Need i remind you
That he's coming back again someday

Standing in the middle doesn't get you far
It's hard to tell exactly where you are
With both sides seeing that you have no view
Neither are impressed with what you do
They're not buying
They don't like your style at all
Not at all...
No passion, no action
No sense of what you're gifted for
No thought of what you've received
Don't tell me that it's not for you

It's said that sometimes it's so hard to know
If strong conviction is the way to go
How can we ever think of compromise
When we're reminded of the one above
And the price of his life?
He lived to be a sacrifice

One day