John Schlitt - Face Of God -

Letra Face Of God

You can close your eyes to hide your fears
Hold your eyes to block the cries
You can turn your head to wipe your tears
But their hunger never dies

It's beyond all understanding, but it's left to you and me

Do you hear what heaven hears?
Do you know it in your heart?
Do you share the pain and cry the tears
But don't know where to start?
When you give unto the least of these
You become the gift of love
When you look into their eyes
You see the face of God

There's a hand that's reaching out to you
With a spark of hope inside
To the child with nothing left to do
Would you keep the flame alive?

What all the world has pushed aside, is the greatest gift of all

(repeat chorus)

Time is slipping by us every day
We can act or let it get away
Now's the time to define ourselves and say
"We are the hands that feed and live the love of God"

(repeat chorus x 2)