John Schlitt - Don't Look Back -

Letra Don't Look Back

Every morning as I look into the mirror
Yesterday's mistakes are so painfully clear
I could let them take me under, be a source of misery
Or I could understand the power of the blood that's shed for me

Often I'm reminded that there's nothing we can do
That would take away the sacrifice for me and you
So when you feel the guilt of the enemy's attack
Just know you've been forgiven and don't look back

Don't look back - Yesterday is over, today is a brand new day
Don't look back - It's not the answer, no it's not the way

You can't go forward when you keep looking back
How can you think about the future
When you're haunted by the past?
God don't want you to live like that
Put your hand to the plow and don't look back

I know the straight and narrow is the path that I should see
Yet I'm often tempted by the way it used to be
Seems like only good times keep flashing through my brain
But then I stop and I remember the cost, all the pain

Don't look back - Those old temptations were never good for you
Don't look back - There's nothing there that can help you get through

Why do we dig up the old man
When there's so much ahead?
Why can't we do what Jesus said
And let the dead bury the dead?