John Schlitt - Don't Have To Take It -

Letra Don't Have To Take It

Joey is a boy like some
Who thinks that risk is fun
But blinded eyes can never
See the price to come
The sacrifice he's paying
Can't slow down
This race he's running
To stay around
He must keep moving
So controlled by the pace of his surroundings
He's got no chance of his own

Hey! hey! hey!
It's time that we face it
Hey! hey! hey!
We don't have to take it

Julie is a perfect child
To all there is no doubt
But few can clearly see from
Inside looking out
The fear she's really feeling
How do i look? am i ok?
Do i fit in? what are they saying?
So concerned over how the others see her
She's lost all sight of herself

Your worth does not depend on man
It's more than he could understand
Don't set your price
Through other's eyes
There's so much more