John Schlitt - Carry On -

Letra Carry On

Imagine yourself in this world without anything at all
No rhyme and no reason, no hope and no perfect love
Trying to live without living inside, no one could know 'till you show them
Brother, my sister, and everyone that believes
Don't give up
Why don't we

Carry on, carry on, carry on 'till the work has been done
Carry on, carry on, carry on 'till we hear Him say,
"Welcome home, faithful one!"
Carry On!

Some never breathe past the moment they come alive
Why have a new life if all that you do is survive?
Jesus could come back so what would you do?
Would you just sit there waiting for someday? Maybe?
Brother, my sister and everyone that believes
While we're here, why don't we

(repeat chorus)

Someday we'll see everything new, every deed counted
With love in His eyes, looking at you, hear Him say,
"Welcome home, welcome home, faithful one!"

(repeat chorus)