Jewel - My Fish Family -

Letra My Fish Family

There's a man on the front porch
say's he's related to me
but lately i'm finding
it hard to believe
and this is filled
with spooks and ghosts
they say they're family
but they are strangers at most
they're strange fishes of the deep blue sea
and absolutely nothing like me
they swim around in their little treasure chests
when it comes to loving me
they give it their fish best
but it's hard with all those scales
of good and bad, you see (2nd time: of morality)
they're my fish family
my fish family
And they try and hook me
or put me in a tank
they may try and book me
for robbing a fish bank
cause misunderstanding comes easily
when they're blowing bubbles
and i can hardly breathe
Bridge (not sung at jewelstock)
and when will they understand
i just wanna marry a man
without seaweed in his teeth
without barnacle for hair
without seaweed in his ears
but their fish ears won't hear me
they're my fish family