Jesus Martyr - Ethereal New Era -

Letra Ethereal New Era

Compromised with a mistake
Compromised with human race
Are we ethereal?

Compromised with a mistake
Our human race is harmed by ourselves
No harmony, no armony
Just no peace at all

No one sees, no one will care
If we are alive or we lie dead
We are kept away from our minds
We are not to see
We are not to ask
Don't fuck
We are to care
Of our backs
We are to shut up

I don't know why we are sterilized
Our cells are acid in our minds
Are we ethereal? are we ethereal?
Of course we arent not

While our 'god' just laughs at us
We try to pind a way to give all up
I know you are wrong
I know you are wrong

Get fucking away
And bleed some more