Jeanette MacDonald - Beyond The Blue Horizon -

Letra Beyond The Blue Horizon

Beyond the blue horizonjeanette macdonald(words by leo robin; music by richard a. whiting and w. franke harling)introduced by jeanette macdonald in the film "monte carlo" and sung by herin the 1944 film "follow the boys."(verse)blow, whistle blow away,blow away the past.go engine anywhere.i don't care how fast.on, on from darkness into dawn,>from rain into the rainbow,fly with me.gone, gone all my grief and woe.what matter where i go if i am free?(refrain)beyone the blue horizonwaits a beautiful day.goodbye to things that bore is waiting for me.i see a new life has only begun.beyond the blue horizon lies a rising sun.from: gloria "montcomags" <[email protected]>