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Letra Thunderbird Wine

Up every morning at the crack of dawn
Nights as short as the days are long
Life turned out to be another magazine
Living with a stranger now
The girl I knew got away somehow
She went out with two bit gasoline
I want to go back you know what I mean

When the word was Thunderbird
And the price was forty twice
Drinking wine and loving you was fun
Our love turned out to be a passing thing
Different bird of a different wing
Some damn fool put a dollar twenty nine
On a jug of Thunderbird wine
Lord I don't know if I'm going to make it
Don't know if I'll have the strength to take it
Everything's hung up in yesterday

There's you a civic-minded social girl
Taking short cuts in a woman's world
She won't let her hair down when I'm home
Society is just slavery
And security is killing me
I've worked hard for it but I'd give it all away
If I could go back to yesterday

Chorus (x2).