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Letra Stand Up to the Man

I hear people talking about the line that I am walking
How it won't lead to the palace of the wise
They're the ones that say they love you,
But try and stay above you
They'll twist your arm and make you tell them a lies
But to me it's a game of blackjack
Go on and take a step back
Hold your breath and let that money ride
Cause the dealer he's got twenty
And you'll bust if you take any
So it never was for you to decide

Just put your chips out on the table
Beat 'em when when you're able to
And if you hit rock bottom,
Smoke 'em if you got 'em
At least you'll know you played a hand
And you can stand up to the man

I don't see the reason
For the politics and treason
We're riding the same rail that will take us home
And the world is just a boxcar
Preachers next to rock stars
That'll take you anywhere you need to roam
Ask about the gambling
Interrupt their rambling
Make your way to the back of the train
Cast your bread out on the water
You good sons and daughters
You don't need a reason to explain