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Letra St Valentine

Shed my last tear for yesterday
This was the life I've chosen anyway
Hey who cares? Look, everyone's scared
Why else would they smile that way?
We all live in a fairy tale land
We've got our demons that no one can know
Sometimes faiths the only thing to keep you warm when the nights get cold
When the nights get cold

Hey St Valentine! If you could find the time
Send some blessing my way
My well is running dry
Hey St Valentine! Is there someone who could be mine?
I just want somebody to love, if you could find the time

I've heard all the storybook lines
How there's someone who's meant just for you
And I've lived in darker times
I wonder whether or not they are true
Just as sure as Elvis is the king I will live to love again
But will I cry or will I sing? They say that everything good must end
Why must it end?

Chorus x2