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Letra Hell or Bust

Whoa can you hear
The sound of my trembling hands
Whoa can you see
The tears of a dying man
Daddy sits and momma cries
Sister she won't eat
Children are unaware
They're playing in the streets
A burning bird across the sky
A statute made of rust
Banner flown red down to hell or bust
Down to hell or bust

Jesus can you hear
The prayers of your dying lambs
Jesus should we fear
The arrows from a distant land
And an evil eye is always turned
When we turn the other cheek
And we give up our inheritance
And the blessings of the meek
The circle it comes back around
The guest becomes the host
Ash to bone flesh again to ghost
Flesh again to ghost

Anywhere other than the other side
Oh you know we were born to ride
Two by two side by side
Anywhere other than the other side

Children can you see
That it's all right before your eyes
Children can you hear
Your heart break beneath their lies
All the wishes ever
Are at the bottom of the well
And the padres are left to pray
For the sinners stuck in hell
One day we'll all break free
Of this prison made of bone
Rise above this hallowed halls of stone
Their hallowed halls of stone

Repeat Chorus