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Letra Dirty Fightin' Love

Well I guess that you kept me around so you could run him off
He came crawling back one day and you told me to get lost
Who gave you the right to give the push and shove
I'm getting sick and tired of you and your dirty fightin' love

Yeah you think you're pretty smart working to your cause
Me I'm just a clown out here, a clown without applause
Pulled out your cold, hard side arm, looked up and shot a dove
Another victim claimed by you and your dirty fighting love

She did it with a straight face she didn't even bat an eye
Wasn't even looking, do you ever wonder why
You end up with nothing
God knows that you tried
You run out of cigarettes, and even roses got to die

You've done this before I'm sure, I bet you do it again
One time will be your last time baby you'll be stuck with him
You'll be the one looking back remembering the way it was
Wishing to God you'd changed your ways and your dirty fighting love