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Letra Cold Sweat

Cold sweatjames brownha!i don't care ha about your pasti just want ho our love to last deei don't care darlin' about your faults huhi just want to satisfy your pulseohwhen you kiss mewhen you mess mehold my handmake me understandi break out - in a cold sweatho! uh! ho!i don't care about your wantsi just wanna ha! tell ya about the does and don'tsi don't care about the way you treat me darlin' ha!i just want huh! to understand me honeyohwhen you kiss meand ya miss meyou hold me tightmake everything all righti break out - in a cold sweat heh!mercy on mec'mon nowbrotherput it, put it where it's at nowawwlet him have ituh!awww!