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Letra Give Judy My Notice

Could Anyone Be Loved Anymore
Than I Love You
Does It Hurt You Too?

Well, Judy
I've Been Feeling Small Too Long
I Love You So
But Something's Wrong

And I Come Running When You Want Me Here
And When You Want Me To, I Disappear

I Knew If I Made It Easy For You
You'd Settle For Me, Yeah Eventually

But Judy
I Can't Be Myself Anymore
It's Way Too Hard
Being Loved By Default

And I Can't do This Any Longer
The Vacuum Left Is So Much Stronger

Judy You Know I'm Not Mad Anymore
At Least Most of the Time
But It Could Take a While
I've Been Living Just to See You Smile
Ever Once in a While

Tears Fall
But That Don't Mean Nothing At All
Just Cause I Said It First
That's Why It Hurts

And Judy,
I Won't Be Your Bitch Anymore
And Follow You Around
And Hold the Door

I'm Not Sorry If
You're Not Sorry
And You're Not Sorry
Till I Make You Judy
Give Judy My Notice
Give Judy My Notice