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Letra Boxing

Howard, the Strangest Thing
Has Happened Lately
When I Take a Good Swing
And All My Dreams
They Pivot and Slip
I Drop My Fists and They're Back
Laughing Howard
My Intention's Become Not to Lose What I've Won
Ambition Has Given Way to Desperation and I
Lost the Fight From My Eyes

Boxing's Been Good to Me, Howard
Now I'm Old, You're Growing Old
The Whole Time We Knew
In a Couple of Years I'd Be Through
Has Boxing Been Good to You?

Howard, I Confess I'm Scared and Lonely and Tired
They Seem to Think I'm Made of Clay
Another Day, Not Cut Out For This
I Just Want to Say, I Say


Well Sometimes I Punch Myself As Hard As I Can
Yelling Nobody Cares Hoping Someone Will Tell Me How
Wrong I Am


Has Boxing Been Good
Has Boxing Been Good to You?