Insistence - Tribute To Life -

Letra Tribute To Life

Everytime i searched for the ways
To break the truth
?lonliness from birth to death?
I saw the ambition slaving on the mouths
I saw the fight that i?ve been, aimless
Going as i came , dying as i born
Everytime i thought this pain
I can see the human made truth
But I can?t change the order
Faith and soul tied
Ones like me calmed
With optimizing reality
I realized ?
Everyone has a story
Everyone failed once test of life
My pain doesn?t decrease yours
And yours doesn?t mine
Rivalry is told as the best way for nature
Ok , Allright ?
Have ever the ones told that realized
That the solidarity was ever tried ?
Going as we came , Dying as we born
Is this the natural state of mind ?
Unanswered questions , using none of mind ?
Compelled to understand , But ?
Despite all lived memories
Despite bloody cries
At the end , my last words standing :
?this is real life?