Insistence - The New Begining -

Letra The New Begining

Smells soury , seems browny
I can?t remember before
The noise and calamity
Fragments of my mind call me
Somethings living had to be ?
An end pulled this ruins down
Vast land where the colours? gone
Colours? gone ?
I remember something now
World?s created , wholly divine
Someones used to live there
With no honesty and kind mind
(It?s) not hard to find out
How a being could do this
Ambition , anger and fight
(Had) replaced understanding
Slaves of desires
Masters of the lanses
Despite (to) drink ?kevser?
Blood was main feeding
They were fed by blood ? By Blood ?
Now I can say that clearly
Mankind reached that finally
I think this is the end expected
?expect the unexpected?
But every end is a new beginning
Is a chance to write lost foreword
Of the unfaithful dead ending
Futureless acts were the cause of the end
In any guilt , anyone behind to stand
The end will be a new beginning
And will be a chance to write evident foreword
Of the fine expected days coming
Future lies through so plainly
Chance to give up same mistakes
I think this is the chance expected
?Expect in this way?
At anytime , in anywhere
In no way whatsoever
Mankind?s gotta know certainly
?There won?t be a new beginning?