Insertcoolname - Odd Me Out -

Letra Odd Me Out

I can't pretend
What i am and what i ain't
I'm just one of those stupid guys
That wants to have some fun before he dies
So we wanna party all night in the blistering cold
Wearing only swimming suits like were twelve years old
Take off our pants show our butts around in public
No one thought gods creation could be that ugly

I don't wanna be
Like everybody so ordinary
Who do i have to prove that i'm a man
I just want to milk my life as good as i can
Kick the shit out of my spare time now
Headbang through our whole damn show
Turn the amps up freaking loud
If you wanna odd one out you gotta odd me out

I was always a freak
Preadolescence is what i seek
For if that's the price to pay for having fun
I know outside the norm there's the real sun
Sometimes it's hard to be the only one who's different
In this superficial world it is cool to fake it
To escape the norm you don't need to be intelligent
[ insert cool name ] is the key to break it!

I don't want to stay the same
I always want to change
I don't want to stay the same
I always want to change
I wanna live
I wanna breath
I wanna jump
I wanna run
I wanna love
I wanna dive into the sea of life