Insertcoolname - Katharina -

Letra Katharina

The first time i looked into your eyes
I thought this would never end
I felt you wouldn't ask why
I knew you would let love happen
But you were too young so i had to wait for
You to be in a legal age
But now five years later
When you see me you walk the other way

Don't make me sad

Without you really all my life don't mean a
Thing if you don't stay for tea now
And leave me with this feel of
Loneliness that breaks my heart
'cause you ignore me

I know you feel it
And you feel that i know it too
I really mean it
I never meant to bother you
Everybody likes me as a friend
Everybody respects me as a musician
So there's no need to pretend
That you don't give a damn

Don't make me sad
Don't turn your back at me