Insertcoolname - Goodnight -

Letra Goodnight

When sandman comes to me
That's the time to leave
Because it's today's end
Leave my conscience behind
Go to clear from blind
I'm heading off for dreamland

I can't change the way i feel
Can't distinguish what's fiction and what's real
My dreams are falling asleep
I want to listen to my dreams

Clean up my souls mess
Refill the emptiness
Ponder 'bout my family and friends
Finally i passed this day
And there is nothing left to say
I'm heading off for dreamland

In this dreamland
There is peace and harmony
And every man
And woman can live free
And i can be the man i want to be
Asking you to go out with me

When you think you need a lover
All you look for is some cover
In the end everything will be alright
When you say good night