Insertcoolname - Evolution -

Letra Evolution

I'm a fool. i'm a genius.
I'm so cool. i'm so outrageous.
I'm sand on the shore. i'm a green leaf in fall.
I'm everything. i'm nothing at all.

When you look at me,
Well what do you see?
Do you see the ape in me?
Random trustingly.

Am i a being of god?
Is evolution my fate?
Is all the faith i had,
Uncle random made?

I'm an animal. i'm highly civilized.
I'm so generous. i'm always disguised.
My brain's as sharp as a knife. but my limbs are loose.
I decide upon life. but i can't tie my shoes.

Were the apes my ancestors?
Does god even exist?
Is it random that i'm amorous?
Is it random that i'm pissed?
Is my existence witnessed?
Or am i random, too?
Is this song random be my guest?
How random are you?