In Battle - Circus -

Letra Circus

Tied up and gagged
Hooded and tagged
They're all yours to command
I am corpse, I am carrion prey
I have a crow at reach brow
Plucking eyes in my mask of death
The darkness is complete

Who's the hooded one, mother mine?
Who is gagged when all are silent?
And bitten when we move

Inflamed! My mask is burning
The night is dead; dark, putrid flesh turning
'pon a chair in the dying corner
I am your bagful of fear
I'll commit, I'll admit
I'll be the dagger, drive me in
I'll be all motionless and still
My rivers runs within, still and deep

I am beast; I am carrion prey to the Cyclops tribe
String me up to the cherry tree
Come one, come all, and hang with me
I'm already hogtied, entangled in your marionette strings
I am dancing
The embodiment of fear
A shake for every fearful tear
A ruckus for the righteous
In the end
They no longer know

Cast stones into mirrors
Onto themselves
Mother mine!
Stab yourself, mother mine
Bleed your own river, dark and wide
Mine runs within, still and deep
Don't shake me so, it will overflow