Imogen Heap - If Only I Were A Butterfly -

Letra If Only I Were A Butterfly

Sometimes i don't feel quite myself here
sometimes i don't feel like it's my home
i would like to be a place
where i'm free to play
a place i call my own
Sometimes i feel like
i'm trapped in a spider's web
and each thread is in itself a problem
so i try to break free, untangled
but i'm back to where i started from
Oh, if only i were a butterfly
i would fly so high
right past the sky
and let go my fears
let go of my despairs
i leave them to the air
without a care
I walk alone in the dark
i wander through the night
i lie to look up high
to see the starry sky
it gives me strength to know
there's peace somewhere up there
so quiet, so undisturbed
I'm mystified
in my bed i lie awake
and i'm dreaming of that land
so far away from me
it makes me want to cry
pray for the day for i die