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Letra Rhythm of Life

I'm Nowhere That I've Ever Been
I'm No-one, I Can't Remember Me
Make It All Go
You're Showing Me Heaven
When Your Door Is Always Closed
Like the Church Doors Are
When You Need a Little Jesus
Outside His Business Hours
You Know, Where Were You
When I Needed You To

Hold Me, Give a Little Beat of Your Heart to Me
You've Got to Hold Me, It's Like the Rhythm of Life to Me

How I Long to Take Some Comfort
From Your Arms
I Am Denied
I Never Relied
On the Comfort Or Charity of Strangers
Hear All the Low, Lonely Lullabies I Love
Dearer Than Life.
The Warmth of a Friend That I Could Depend On
To Listen to Me.

What Would They Find in the Ashes Then
A Paper Doll Who Thought She Was a Dancer
Fusing With the Molten Grey
Of a Soldier of Tin
Who Happened Once Along Her Way ?