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Letra December

There's a Victorian Tin, I Keep My Memories In,
I Found It Up in the Attic.
After Looking Inside, I Find the Things That I'm Hiding...
The Leaves Saved From a Mistletoe Kiss,
Only Nostalgia Has Me Feeling Like This...
Like I Miss You,
It Must Be the Time of Year.

Remember December,
It's Like a Wintergreen Beside a Diamond Stream,
Remember December,
A Fall of Snow and the Afterglow.
It Could Be Taking Our Breath Away
But the Years Stand in the Way,
Remember December,
How Does It Make You Feel Inside ?

Beneath a Valentine, I See a Locket Is Shining
I Think It Must Be the Wine,
Makes Me Feel It's All Real.
Where Nothing Seems to Rhyme
To Breathe Life Into the Dust of a Keepsake
I Might As Well Try to Fix a Chain On a Snowflake
Or a Heartache,
It Must Be the Time of Year.

Should I Feel This Alone, Should I Pick Up the Phone
Should I Call You Up and Wish You 'happy Christmas' ?
I Feel So Alone, Should I Pick Up the Phone
Take My Heart in My Hand
And Ask If You Remember...