Hostile Inc. - The Universe Outside -

Letra The Universe Outside

Try to reveal your own secrets
Why are you here
Did you ever ask yourself why?
Did you ever look at the sky in a rainy day?
Did you ever dance with the devil under the moonlight?

Madness is nothing but a fairy tale
A sweet fairy tale
And in a heartbeat you're gone
But your story never ends
Not until you understand?
Not until you understand the joke

The complex simplicity of mankind
It's like a look dispersed in the horizon
Life asks you for attention
And you stop to think

Get back to what you were doing
To the old TV alienation
You may never want to know
But life is so much more than this

Take a look at the mirror
Imagine yourself beyond the physics around you
And you at the center of the Big Bang

Think about the infinite possibilities
Each word, feeling or movement

Life based in decisions
Decisions based in behavior
Behavior based in History
History based in Life

A great vicious circle that can become a curse
Then it will be the death even before you die

You're going to try
Open your eyes

Open your eyes
And try to see the universe outside
Open your arms
And let yourself go
To the universe outside

Open up your mind
And try to domain
The universe outside