Hostile Inc. - Superfluous Existence -

Letra Superfluous Existence

He's everywhere
With tied hands
Perhaps because he wants, perhaps not
I think about what could happen
If he broke loose from his straight-jacket
And could use his arms

I would show him all the lies

Give a hand with no desire
To show him all the lie

My difference is in not being the same
Like everybody, trying to run away

Instinct guides me like an animal
The reason is just its indisposition


Existence is relative and subliminal
Maybe even superfluous
Unconsciousness is a ticket
To the history train

Maybe you know it, deep down you know
You don't want to see
Or you're afraid

(Chorus 2)
Afraid of what you may find
The truth that shows the lies
Look at what's around

Then he looks around with no desire to see
The wall that stops him from proceeding
Impedes from feeling
Impedes from seeing
Impedes from staying
Impedes from being

(Chorus 2)

Look at what's around