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Letra Here Now (Madness)

Skies spin their dance
Within Your breath
Time runs its race
Within Your hand
And my mind runs wild
To comprehend
What no mind on earth
Could understand

Your ways are higher
Your thoughts are wilder
Love came like madness
Poured out in blood - wash romance
It makes no sense but this is grace
And I know You're with me in this place

Here now
All I know is I know that You are
Here now
Still my heart
Let your voice be all I hear now
Spirit breathe
Like the wind come have Your way
Cause I know You're in this place

Faith makes a fool
Of what makes sense
But grace found my heart
Where logic ends
When justice called
For all my debts
The Friend of sinners
Came instead

Cause I know that You are here now
Heart and soul
God I know that You are here now
Fix my eyes
On the things that I can't see now
And all I see
Is the glory of Your name