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Letra James Dean

All the kings horses/wouldnt make me believe/even when the walls come crashing down/you will never be/a rebel without a cause/a rebel to the frist degree/why dont you stop trying so hard?/'cause there's no men man enogh to be/chorus:another james dean?/ypure nothing like him/so why dont call me your friend ?cuz youre nothng like me/even when the world stops turniing/there will never be another james dean/all the faces you are making/save it for the scence/all the people youre faking/why was it only me?/i saw it through your eyes/and youre just not so deep/ive had to many cries/mr price charming?/sorry could never be/repeat chorus/now you move to the next set/next town/next girl/have fun baby/im taking back my world