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Letra My Only One

This night is hard for me,
Closed wounds, but they still bleed.
Once again you are in my mind,
Opened eyes, but I'm still blind.

I know it's hard for you
So confused, what to do?
Fear inside you didn't leave,
Only one thing now is clear.

I can go in hills tonight,
I can sleep in endless wild,
But I can't go without you,
Whole through time, my only one...

Thousand words I can write,
So lost, alone in night.
Words for me it's hard to say
Pain reigns, till rises the day.

There you stand in the rain,
Feel free to confide in me.

So bright
Even in the light.

Sparks in them are
Like candles in the sky

Now you wonder why angels cry,
If you stay, I'll tell you why.

I can go in hills tonight...